Vegan Frappuccino Starbucks Recipe | The Edgy Veg

If you help me get to 100 likes on this video, I'll make a Vegan Mocha Chip recipe next!! :) How to make an easy vegan frappuccino at home. This homemade blended iced coffee recipe will change your summer! Today Edgy Veg shows you how to make

Delicious Vegan Cake!

Delicious Vegan Cake! ● SUBSCRIBE HERE: Follow Us: '''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''' ✔Facebook: ✔Twitter: ✔Instagram: YOU MAY LOVE OTHER VIDEOS: ''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''' 01.Have you ever tried this vegan fried chicke! ➤ 02.Try this delicious and warming vegan soup that's made from scratch! ➤ 03.Vegans and Non vegans will Enjoy These! ➤ 04.Make your favorite vegan pizza at home! ➤ 05.Easy Vegetarian Meals! ➤ MUSIC: '''''''''''''''''''''''''''' YouTube Audio Library. Hope you've enjoyed

Vegan & Gluten-Free Lemon Drizzle Cake!

Learn how to make a delicious lemon drizzle cake that is both vegan and gluten-free! Ingredients: Vegan margerine - 150g Caster sugar - 150g Gluten-free flour - 200g Baking powder - 2tsp Bicarbonate - 1tsp Ground almonds - 50g 2 lemons (grated) Lemon essence - 2tsp Soya milk - 150ml Apple cider vinegar - 1TBsp

EASY VEGAN DINNER RECIPES ‣‣ for family or vegan beginners

⇢ Using my link, you'll get an extra 25% off your first order and a free 30-day trial to Thrive Market: ⇠ Today we've got three easy vegan dinner recipes for the family! These are meals that will serve a crowd, are kid-friendly, are healthy and most importantly don't require

Why Idiots Go Vegan | MUKBANG Vegan Pizza

SUBSCRIBE: I hope you enjoy this MukBang! Today we talk about Veganism and everything the you probably don't know about! We have plenty of documentaries to watch to inform you about why people go vegan. Here is a list of Vegan documentaries that you should watch! Earthlings (2005) Dominion (2018) Blackfish (2013) Cowspiracy: The Sustainability

Easy Vegan Kahlua Drink

Try this easy vegan Kahlua drink! It's so easy & fun to make and a great drink to make for friends & family at the holidays. Happy Holidays everyone, from my kitchen to yours ♥

HEALTHY HALLOWEEN TREATS ‣‣ easy vegan recipes for halloween

Today we have 3 healthy halloween treats that are vegan and gluten-free! These DIY halloween recipes are perfect for a party, kid-friendly and super easy to make! ☆ HEALTHY HALLOWEEN RECIPES: ☆ SIMPLE MILLS ON AMAZON: SIMPLE MILLS PRODUCTS: Pumpkin Mix: Chocolate Cookies: Pecan Cookies: ______________________________ use code SIMPLYQUINOA and save: 3 FREE SMOOTHIES: 15%


I hope you all get a chance to try these amazing cookies! They are super easy to make and so delicious! If you make them make sure to tag me in a photo on instagram! I love seeing your #vegancreations! - - - - - - FULL RECIPE: - - - -