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In this video, I’m showing you guys how to make a super easy VEGAN sushi burrito. It’s definitely an awesome lunch for people that are on the go. Especially if you don’t have access to a microwave or if you need to eat while you are walking or without a table. It’s essentially a giant fat sushi roll in a burrito style, and this might even be easier to make than sushi rolls because you don’t have to chop them up!! You can put whatever ingredients you want to but this is just an idea of what I added into my roll. I feel like avocado and sweet potato are great in sushi. I also added some of my vegan “tuna” salad, which is simply a chick pea salad, which is super delicious.

Main ingredients you’ll need are –
Sushi rice
Rice vinegar
Seaweed nori sheets
Rolling matt if you have one (I haven’t tried making these without, but I’m sure they could work…?)
Whatever fillings (I used avocado, baked sweet potato, cucumber and vegan chickpea salad)

Chickpea “tuna” salad recipe –

Again, this sushi burrito is AWESOME for lunch for school or work. Let me know how yours turns out!

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7 thoughts on “SUSHI BURRITO (EASY VEGAN LUNCH TO GO) | Cheap Lazy Vegan

  1. Have you ever made these a day before eating, and if so – how do they hold up? I often have leftover sushi rice, but if I make sushi with it I find it’s usually only good for the same day, regardless of how I store it. Am wondering if the aluminium foil would help. Are you making these the night before, or same day??

  2. So yummy looking
    Thank you Rose, and I love your trick adding
    Another sheet of Nori like that! Super!
    And looked so delicious too! Thank you 🤗

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